Exhibition – European Art Quilts VII


Back in May I went down to Neumünster where there was another fine exhibition at the museum Tuch & Technik (the textile museum). I took a couple of pictures, of which I’ll share some with you. As always, detail shots only because of copyright reasons.

Fenella Davies (UK) - Detritus Venice

Fenella Davies (UK) – Detritus Venice

Claudia Helmer (GER) - Alaska 1

Claudia Helmer (GER) – Alaska 1

Jane Lloyd (Northern Ireland, UK) - The Eye of the Storm

Jane Lloyd (Northern Ireland, UK) – The Eye of the Storm

Karin Østergaard (DK) - Creepy crawly

Karin Østergaard (DK) – Creepy crawly

Astrid Streng-Groenen (NED) - Information Overload

Astrid Streng-Groenen (NED) – Information Overload

Jana Sterbova (Czech Republic, CZ) - Rift

Jana Sterbova (Czech Republic, CZ) – Rift

Anco Brouwers-Branderhorst (NED) - 'Twist'

Anco Brouwers-Branderhorst (NED) – ‘Twist’

Monika von Hörde (GER) - Verbunden/Connected

Monika von Hörde (GER) – Verbunden/Connected

Butterflies – Stage 5


Today it’s a White Admiral (Limenitis camilla). Here’s link for you as I haven’t seen one around yet.

That was the last of fifteen basic patterns. Next time there will be the first five completed butterflies with outlines, antennae and legs. I have already begun stitching – it really makes a difference.

This is my project in a SAL. Avis in England and Claire in France are both working on Cirque des Cercles, and Gun from Sweden is working on her blue flowers while Kate from Australia is completing her wedding sampler. Feel free to pop over!

Just A Reminder …

This is for all those who still think they are allowed to pin my stuff to their Pinterest pinboards. You know who you are. And no, you’re not allowed to do so.

Just for your interest: I can see your pins popping up in my stats – they do not go unnoticed.

I’ve just filed another four copyright complaints.

I’d love to have used the time it took for my crafts. Thank you for having me to waste it on this kind of stuff instead.

(CAUTION! Sarcasm!)

Dream Catchers


My hometown, Kiel, Germany, is celebrating Kieler Woche (Kiel Week) every last complete week in June. Learn more about it here or pop over here for my personal impressions (English summaries at the end of each entry).

The special program for children on Spiellinie (Krusenkoppel) has a new motto every year. There are concerts and storytellers, a mud pool, craft projects, fabric dyeing, weaving and building things from wooden boards. This year’s motto is “Die Kinder des Manitu” (Children of Manitou). In other words, they’re playing Red Indians (without cowboys) – building buffalo from chicken wire and straw, hammering together wooden teepees, painting a wooden wall or weaving dream catchers.

I took some pictures on Saturday and more on Sunday and have put together a litte gallery of my shots for you. Do I need to mention that I’m inspired again? :)

The Reef – July

Welcome to the next issue of The Reef, introducing one specimen from my secret reef located on the western shore of the Baltic Sea each month – as quantities last and new species are detected. :) Sorry, another one of my old ones today, as the new ones are growing very slowly. But I think it’s OK because my old blog is now set to private so the entries aren’t public anymore.

Cotonviscosia lurexia julii
Brown Lurex sea-anemone

Cotonviscosia lurexia julii

C. lurexia is not a sea-anemone, as the name may suggest. It was named so mistakingly because of its shape. The calcite skeleton of its body also contains some lurex crystals. The coral polyps live in symbiosis with brown algae from which they get their nutrients. This specimen grew to a height of approx. 11 cms.

Butterflies – Stage 4

Colias croceus

Colias croceus

Today I have a Clouded Yellow (Colias croceus) for you. Here’s link for you as I haven’t seen one around yet.

Now it’s only one more butterfly and then I’ll be stitching the outlines, antennae and legs on all fifteen of them.

This is my project in a SAL. Avis in England and Claire in France are both working on Cirque des Cercles, and Gun from Sweden is working on her blue flowers. We have now been joined by Kate from Australia who is completing her wedding sampler. Take a look at their blogs!



My Current Projects

Some of my projects from the list below on the left have already been finished. You may have noticed I didn’t blog about all of them – yet. I have been making a couple of scarves which I will introduce in an upcoming series of posts. There’s a new cross stitch project (still secret) and a new art quilt project.

As my German photoblog 54° 20′ N 10° 08′ W never appeared in the search results, I have created a new one called Kielgeholt (keelhauled) which has also got an English summary at the end of each entry. Both blogs show mainly detail shots from my photo walks. If you always wanted to know how a quite near-sighted girl sees her surroundings, just pop over.

But I digress. Here are my current featured projects.


The ‘Strawberry & Cream’ scarf made in a knitted drop stitch pattern I designed inspired by another project.


The ‘Rainbow’ blanket – the blue part is finished and I’ve already started crocheting the purple part which is the last colour.


A new art quilt project. This is only an example of one of the blocks. The finished piece will look quite different.