Meet The Beetles – Stage 3

Cicindela campestris

Cicindela campestris

Green tiger beetle (Sandlaufkäfer)

The third one in this SAL wasn’t easy to identify as I’ve got only the common German names and there are a lot of species of tiger beetles but this one was as close as I could get. When I did the research I found lots of interesting beetles that would be worth stitching. Alas, I haven’t got the time to draw some patterns and make them.

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A Luxury Problem

All neat and tidy now

All neat and tidy now

Recently I gathered all my embroidery floss together from each and every corner of The Boudoir. And because I had to ;) order the threads for a new project I put two more organizing boxes on top as well as some cardboard bobbins. I’ve now finished winding up all of the new and used floss and the leftover pieces and put them into the boxes.

But I’m left with a little luxury problem, so to speak. A couple of years ago I was given the embroidery floss from my mother’s late aunt. Mostly in different shades of pink, plus some greys and yellows. She had obviously bought it for a project she never made. There were also a couple of skeins I had bought which in the end I replaced by some other colours in the project they were meant for. Luckily, they match the inherited ones quite well. I’ve got quite a collection of unused skeins now.


But what to do with them? This is enough material for a good size project, I will probably still have some of them left after that. Furthermore, pink isn’t one of my favorite colours. This calls for a special project.

So, what to stitch? Flowers come to mind when thinking of pink. Nope. Not this time. Something geometrical or a modern art piece, perhaps.

I think I need an expert – Dave the Muse. He always has a solution.

‘Patchwork Blocks’ Table Runner/Band

In their current SAL, Avis and Claire are stitching samplers of some blocks that remind me of a project I started years ago but never finished to date. I had to dig deep into the treasures of The Boudoir, but finally found it. So far, I’ve stitched nineteen blocks, which is half of the length of the band. One set contains eight blocks, I’ve done two repeats and the first three of the third one.


Maybe it’s something to finish after the beetles are complete – as there are only four of them, I need a new SAL project anyway. ;)

Meet The Beetles – Stage 2

Aromia moschata

Aromia moschata

Musk beetle (Moschusbock)

Another little cutie from the woods. The smallest one in this collection, and a joy to make. Musk beetles have very long antennae, and although it looks like they are around the sides here, they are rather bent over the back.

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The Reef – November

Welcome to the next issue of The Reef, introducing one specimen from my secret reef located on the western shore of the Baltic Sea each month – as quantities last and new species are detected. :) This month it’s another one from the archives again.

Polyacrylium rubrum-argenteum julii
Orange-red sea-anemone


Polyacrylia rubrum-argenteum julii

Polyacrylia rubrum-argenteum julii

Another species of sea-anemones from the western Baltic Sea, this time in symbiosis with red algae. Its straight stem is a distinct feature. Height 14 cm.