Southwest Beauties – 2


Just a short post today as I’m away on a photo expedition in town.

The second one in my collection of cacti – the only one that hasn’t got any spines. I omitted some of the backstitching in places where it’s not crucial. Yes, I’m a bit lazy sometimes and I hate unnecessary work. :)

You’ll find the links to the other SAL participants in the left sidebar. Not everyone is posting every time and we are in different time zones. Anyway, their sites are always worth a visit as they all have interesting projects on the go.

Southwest Beauties – 1


I’m back in the SAL with Avis and Claire and everyone else, this time trying my luck as a gardener growing some cacti. Not a project that was on my list but a find when leafing through my small pattern collection searching for something completely different.

As I only had six individual cactus patterns on different torn out pages from a German craft magazine, Anna, I had to make a layout first. I shifted the patterns around until I was satisfied with the layout.

This time I’m not following the exact colour scheme but I’m taking some liberties using similar or different ones from my stash. For instance, I had some green floss left from the Beetles project which I’m using here for the cacti. The pots are stitched in lighter colours than the pattern suggested as I didn’t have the original ones in my stash.

A project that reminds me of a couple of days I spent in Albuquerque many years ago. I love the colours and the designs of the Southwest.

I have moved the links to the other participants in this SAL to the left sidebar. Not everyone is posting every time and we are in different time zones. Anyway, their sites are always worth a visit as they all have interesting projects on the go.

Hexie Fever – 2


Sample of hexies

I didn’t rest and tried again to find a way to join the hexies knitwise. After a couple of attempts I found a solution. Still needs a little fine tuning, but it works.


Here’s how a hexie strip with a straight border might look like, it’s an early sample knit with only one yarn. Increases and decreases are on one side only.

DWXS2 Update

After 30 days of stitching

After 30 days of stitching

Not the new SAL project yet, but an update on my DWXS2 cross stitch project. I made some progress recently while my boss was away on holiday and I had a little spare time at the office. :)

This is what I had last time:

After 11 days of stitching

After 11 days of stitching

I have moved the links that lead you to the blogs of the SAL participants to the left sidebar. Even if not everyone is posting everytime and we are scattered in different time zones around the globe, their blogs are always worth visiting.

Hexie Fever


Last weekend I have been experimenting with some of the leftover sock yarns from my first Ten Stitch Twist version. As I didn’t find a free hexie knitting pattern I worked out one by myself.


Even the smallest amounts of yarn go into this project. It takes me about fifteen minutes to knit a hexie. Another fun project for my lunch breaks.

Congratulations! It’s A …

… pair of socks.


modelled by the manufacturer

My sister asked me recently if I could knit her a pair of socks if I had any sock yarn left after finishing the Ten Stitch Twist. She didn’t mind if it was any odd colour, the socks just had to warm her ever cold feet in bed at night.

I decided not to wait until the Twist got finished because that might be a while. The last in my new colour scheme would be a blue and grey yarn of which I had four balls. They came from two kits I bought as a special offer. Although they were of the same colour number and dye lot according to the labels, one set was darker than the other. I chose this darker one to make the socks, following the instructions that came with the kit as it was my first pair. They looked a bit odd after finishing, but I think that will change after they have been washed for the first time. At least they fit perfectly when worn. Finally I created a little fun label to hold them together.

On the technical side: Kate reported an issue with the dropdown menus for the Gallery and Project pages. As soon as the cursor is moved the pointing finger turns into an arrow and the dropdown menu disappears. If you click onto the Gallery and Project pages you will find links there that lead you to the sub-pages. I’ll report this bug to WP support as I’m now experiencing the same issue from my work computer.

EDIT: If it doesn’t work on your screen, you may zoom out one click. The default zoom setting doesn’t work on all screens.

Back After My Summer Break

Currently I’m working on the design for a new SAL project so I’m missing both August postings. You can find the links to the blogs of the other participants in my previous entry.

But I’m going to tell you a little bit about the things I did during my blogging break. I’ve finally finished my Rainbow Blanket, knit a pair of socks for my sister (a first in sock knitting), shortened the legs of my new jeans (a first in basic tailoring), finished two more projects from my UFO Lottery, continued knitting my Ten Stitch Twist (below, please visit project page for more), did some cross stitch on DWXS 2, visited the European Art Quilts VIII exhibition in Neumünster … I feel a couple of posts coming up.


Apart from that, I enjoyed our annual Kiel Week, got a new camera (a Sony which produced very odd colours so I returned it and got an Olympus instead) and shot loads of pictures testing it. I took a trip to Hamburg and visited Planten un Blomen (Plants and Flowers) which is a huge park area, something I have been wanting to do for a long time. Another item on my list was a boat trip on our local Schwentine river, the ‘Holsatian Amazon’ as I call it. Done. A couple of the pictures I took will appear on my photo blogs soon.